Trellis is about building connections


Building and sustaining a thriving and connected neighborhood is a complex effort.  Strong communities require multiple organizations working together, as a variety of ethnicities, stories, talents, resources and strategies fit together to serve the needs and desires of a neighborhood.   Trellis' goal is to build relationships between local churches, neighborhood groups, and other non-profits and social agencies that pursue ADVOCACY and ACTION together

We build these partnerships through...


Making organizations aware of social justice focused community and cultural events and inviting their members to participate through a variety of social media platforms.


Curating and organizing forums that bring together neighborhood churches and organizations to hear from faithful practitioners and experts in areas of justice, mercy and social good.

Providing consultation, training and resources to organizations, churches and leaders in thinking strategically and practically about social justice and collaboration.


Building partnerships with organizations that move towards action and advocacy with their volunteers, resources and finances